Recap of Advanced Initiator Training In Dallas

A little over a week ago, December 9 and 10, Bubastis Oasis, OTO in the Valley of Dallas hosted the 18th installment of Advanced Initiator Trainings. Sessions ran roughly from 8:30AM – 5PM both days at the Embassy Suites Hotel immediately adjacent to Love Field. Presentations were given by some of the most eminent speakers of U.S. Grand Lodge, Catherine Berry, Dr. Richard Kaczynski, Dr. David Shoemaker, Kim Knight and some other guy. Topics addressed included: Memorization Techniques, Psychological and Social Impact of Initiation, Ceremonial Elocution, Mastering The Temple and AC on Initiation among many others.

At the end of each evening attendees — who came mainly from Dallas and Austin though some came from as far away as Cleveland, Detroit and Minneapolis — would gather in the atrium of the hotel  surrounded by families who’s daughters were competing in a dance competition. Nothing like a little culture clash, eh? The hotel had a little parky area that led down to the Northern tip of Bachman Lake and as temperatures warmed up mid afternoon, a lot of between-talk discussions were carried out lakeside.

All in all a pleasant and enlightening time was had by all. Next AIT is being held may 2018 in Las Vegas. And we all know that what “happens” there, stays there!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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