Readings in Prepartion For the Holy Days

Here’s a list of mediations and readings Thelemites can use in preparing for the cebration of the Three Days of the Writing of the Book of The Law. The list consists of Date, Hebrew letter, Tarot trump and Reading.

3/19 Liber VII, “Prologue Of The Unborn” in evening prior.

3/20 Tau The Universe Liber VII, Chp 2 in the morning, Liber LXV Chp 2 in the evening.

3/21 Shin The Aeon Liber LXV, Chp 4

3/22 Resh The Sun Liber VII, Chp 4

3/23 Qaph The Moon Liber VII, Chp 6

3/24 Tzaddi The Emperor Liber Tzaddhi

3/25 Peh The Tower Liber VII, Chp 1

3/26 A’Ayin The Devil Liber A’ash

3/27 Samekh Art Liber Ararita

3/28 Nun Death Liber Arcanorum

3/29 Mem The Hanged Man Liber LXV, Chp 3

3/30 Lamed Adjustment Liber Librae

3/31 Kaph Fortune Liber VII, Chp 3

4/1 Yod The Hermit Liber VII, Chp 6

4/2 Teth Lust Liber Stellae Rubae

4/3 Cheth The Chariot Liber Cheth

4/4 Zayin The Lovers Liber LXV, Chp 2

4/5 Vau The Heirophant Liber LXV, Chp 5

4/6 Heh The Star Liber Ararita, Chp 6

4/7 Daleth The Empress Liber VII, Chp 7

4/8 Gimel The Priestess Liber AL vel Legis, Chp 1

4/9 Beth The Magus Liber AL vel Legis, Chp 2

4/10 Aleph The Fool Liber AL vel Legis, Chp 3

5.1.2 corbis for elaine

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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