Raymond Buckland Has Passed Away

Raymond Buckland, a key figure in the modern Wiccan revival died September 28.  An obituary appeared yesterday at Patheos.com written by Jason Mankey:

“Woke up to the news this morning that Raymond Buckland has passed, he was 83 years old. I can’t claim to have known Ray all that well, I did meet him once at an event, and that was the extend of my personal interactions with him. (For the record he was a perfect gentleman.) But I had many more experiences with him as a Craft elder and mentor. Buckland leaves behind a Witchcraft legacy that will outlive all of us, and deservedly so.

“Though English by birth, Buckland and his then wife Rosemary were the first practitioners of Wiccan-Witchcraft in the United States. After moving to the US in 1962, Buckland became interested in Witchcraft, and the following year he and his wife travelled to Perth Scotland to be initiated by one of Gerald Gardner’s High Priestesses, Monique Wilson. With the Gardnerian Book of Shadows firmly in hand they came back to the United States and promptly set up the first Gardnerian Coven in New York City (and the country for that matter).”

Read more at :http://www.patheos.com/blogs/panmankey/2017/09/raymond-buckland-remembrance/.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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