Rare 5,000-year-old kurgan-type tumulus from the Bronze Age unearthed in Istanbul


The Istanbul Archeology Museum announced on Monday that they have made the largest archeological discovery of the year by unearthing “A 5,000-year-old tumulus, the oldest ever found in the country” in the Istanbul district of Silivri. The discovery is expected to shed greater light on the history of Istanbul and the wider Thracian region.  According to reports, archeologists have found the 5,000-year-old kurgan-type tumulus, considered the first completely intact tumulus of its kind to be excavated, during a rescue dig which started in December 2015 at a summer residence complex in the Çanta region of Silivri.


Ixel Balamke

Ixel Balamke was one of the two founding members of Sekhet-Bast-Ra in Oklahoma City. Currently living in the Twin Cities, she is currently the LBM of Leaping Laughter Lodge. She also is a Meanad and lover of fine wines. Her life long partner Hunahpu and she are well known for their Wine Tastings at NOTOCON. Together they have a small wine cellar that currently holds over 300 bottles.

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