Promethea Returns From Kether

The Hollywood Reporter recently ran a story about the return of Alan Moore’s overtly mystical heroine Promethea to action via DC Comics. The original series, among other things, documents Promethea’s travels up the pathways of the Qabalistic Tree Of Life going as far to visit a Qliphoth or two along the way. Moore won’t be involved in the new stories.  The jury’s out on how magically hep they’ll be. THR states:

“This week’s Justice League of America sees the surprise return of an unexpected character who hasn’t been heard from in more than a decade. But what brings Alan Moore’s Promethea to the DC Universe for the first time? As it turns out, it’s all about story… literally.

“The character, created by Alan Moore and J.H. Williams III, previously appeared in a critically acclaimed 32-issue series that ran from 1999 to 2005, regularly pushing at the boundaries of the comic format and culminating in a literal apocalyptic event as Promethea — the personification of imagination, as embodied by college student Sophie Bangs — fulfilled her destiny and caused the end of the world. Or… did she?

“Promethea’s return is the first of two planned revivals for characters from Moore’s America’s Best Comics imprint from the turn of the century; DC’s upcoming series The Terrifics will feature pulp hero Tom Strong. Unlike Promethea, Strong survived both Moore’s departure from the ABC line and the shuttering of the line itself, appearing most recently in 2013’s Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril from DC’s Vertigo imprint.

“Promethea’s appearance at the end of this week’s issue of Justice League of America marked a turning point in a storyline in which the heroes have been facing — and being easily beaten by — the Queen of Fables, who herself personifies all evil in folklore. (That character debuted in 2000’s JLA No. 47, created by Gail Simone.) The combination of hero and villain, it turns out, wasn’t just a lucky coincidence, as writer Steve Orlando tells Heat Vision in a conversation about the issue.”

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