President Obama A Descendant of Ankh-F-N-Khonsu?

We love to give our tin-foil headgear a work out as much as the next bloke (or blokette) and this “news” story did catch our eye as it did allege that President Barack Obama traces his lineage back to ancient Eypgt and that he is in fact the latest in a line of priests of Khonsu. Reportedly, he conducted rituals at the White House (yes, the one in Washington, DC) that was attended by a large number of folks wearing strange outfits (though there apparently is no film footage or photographs of them entering the White House – one of the most continually scrutinized – by friends and foes – locations on the planet . The story has some really cool photo-shopped pix of purple energy fields flashing around Stonehenge . The best part is the declaration of the horrors this rite was intended to evoke:

“What Does The Ecclesiastical Supermoon Mean for America’s Morality

“America will only grow into a darker nation.  Expect more gay marriage, more natural disasters, more societal unrest and blatantly supernatural events such as meteorites dramatically crashing into all sorts of symbolic things.  Poor people will only get more and more healthcare and free food, while the hardworking and Christian find their persecution increasing for trying to adhere to America’s true path of righteousness.” [italics mine]. I do like the fact that the author differentiates between “the hardworking” and “Christian.”

Read the whole schmeggeggee here:

Not sure if this isn’t some stealth shiz put out there by The Onion.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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