World Premier of Melodrama w Annie Sprinkle and Helios Creed

The world premier of Dale Hoyt’s video in 3D will be screened January 1st, 2016 at Krowswork Gallery in Oakland, CA. 

and there’ll be additional screenings:

Friday, Jan 8th 4-8pm

Saturday Jan 9th 1-5pm
Sunday Jan 10th 2-4pm

This is described as “a 3D experimental melodrama and abstract narrative that uses multiple story lines, fractured editing, and pulsating color fields to tell the story of a fictional urban farm co-operative in a withering decadent San Francisco. Written and directed by Dale Hoyt and produced and engineered by David Lawrence it may be the first video art project RealD Cinema 3D. The work comments on loss, family disfunction, merciless progress, and mortality. Shot with the generous cooperation of The Free Farm and the Alhemany Farms, this tragicomedy invokes gentrification as a symbol for the greater fatalistic existential crises that face the world and every personal soul. Featuring a score by Chrome, Annette Peacock, Cameron Ember, and Lian Amber and featuring Winston Tong, Helios Creed, Annie Sprinkle, Monet Clark, Róisín Isner, and the final screen appearance of the legendary Arturo Galster.”

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