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Uk occult publishing house, Hadean Press has just opened pre-orders on this puppy:

The Magical Art: An original translation of MS.983, L’Art Magique by Aaman Lamba, with full colour manuscript images taken from Wellcome MS.983 and additionally redrawn by S. Aldarnay, is now available to pre-order in two editions: paperback and our special edition hardcover, limited to 300 copies.

‘The synthesis of Solomonic rituals, Christian Kabbalah, astrology, divination, early transcendentalism, and spirit evocation, as well as finely drawn seals in an artist’s hand, makes this a comprehensive basis for practical operations and discovery of the magical arts.’ – Aaman Lamba, from the ‘Introduction’

We are thrilled to be making available the first English translation of Wellcome MS.938, ‘The Magical Art’, which combines earlier texts to provide a working manual which influenced subsequent works like the Grimorium Verum and Grand Grimoire. This work is essential reading for practitioners and students of the grimoire tradition.

The value of a grimoire manuscript may be seen in what it continues from the past, and what it adds from its unique synergy of material. Sitting firmly in the Solomonic stream of grimoires, The Magical Art (Welcome MS 983) is an early eighteenth-century French text which includes material from the Heptameron and the Key of Solomon, along with unique material not found elsewhere. The inclusion of the first known examples of material from the Grimorium Verum, one of the most popularly worked grimoires of today, further adds to the significance of this work.

Aaman Lamba is a researcher, practitioner of the magical arts, astrology, and philosophy, as well as a computer science professional. He has published the definitive best-selling edition of The Complete Illustrated Grand Grimoire which has been accepted into the Library of Congress in their Special Acquisitions Section and the collection of poems, The Odontiad & Other Poems. He has been published in various newspapers and journals. He lives in Virginia and has had a passion for French since high school. He is currently working on additional translations of texts that deserve greater attention, as well as a book on ways of engaging with the world for solitary magicians.


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