Prayer to St. Cyprian

This week’s Magick Monday Newsletter from Jason Miller came out today; here’s an excerpt

For the last month two books have been rocking my world, The first is the Opuscula Cypriani Variations on the Book of St. Cyprian and Related Literature translated and with commentary by José Leitão, published by Hadean Press. The second is the Svartkonstböcker: A Compendium of the Swedish Black Art Book Tradition by Dr Thomas K Johnson published by Revelore Press.

Both books are HUGE compendiums of magic, from the South and the North of Europe respectively. As I go through these books I have been praying to Saint Cyprian – a figure who plays the primary role in the Opscula and an important one in the Svartkonstböcker. In these prayers have been making two requests of the Sorcerer Saint. First is that I am assisted in understanding them in the spirit and context in which they were written. The second is help adapting the principals and methods to my current situation.

If you get both or either of these books, or any other books for that matter, I thought it might be helpful to share my readers prayer to Cyprian.

Oh Saint Cyprian, Sorcerer and Saint, Savant and Scholar,
Cleanse my mind with the hyssop of your wisdom
That I may fully understand the text before me.
Comprehending the truth as it is, not as I think it is.
Create in me eyes that I may read as you read.
With right eye set aglow by rays of heaven
And left eye glittering with the fires of hell
Holy Cyprian, may you read over my shoulder
And whisper wisdom in my ear
Aiding me in applying this knowledge as you did
Research rendering revelation
Applying ancient arcana to present need
Weaving potent sorcery that glorifies your name

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