Pot May Promote Women’s Pleasure

Cannabis plants

“With recreational marijuana becoming legal in Canada on Oct. 17, a number of so-called lifestyle brands are touting the benefits of cannabis for a range of wellness areas, including sex,” says The Globe and Mail. “Alongside strains of dried cannabis for smoking or vaping and cannabis-infused oils, some are selling the notion that cannabis makes for better sex – for women, especially.” Research has been limited by legal issues, but anecdotal evidence seems promising.

Ashley Manta, a San Diego sex educator and coach, runs workshops on integrating sex and cannabis through her brand CannaSexual. For a lot of female-identifying folks, she said, cannabis “makes sex feel exciting again, yummy, not routine … especially for those in long-term relationships.” As a survivor of sexual assault, she’s personally found, and has heard from clients, that cannabis can ease pain, discomfort and anxiety during sex, and “quiet the voices in your head that say you’re not good enough.” And one needn’t get high to reap the benefits, she said. There are cannabis-infused topical products or strains of marijuana that relax the body without producing the psychoactive effect associated with being stoned.

This could have wonderful potential for sex magicians having trouble staying focused!

Can cannabis contribute to improving women’s sex lives?

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