Pornographers and Sex Magicians

Bailey Jay

Initiates of Ordo Templi Orientis are well aware of the power of sex and sexuality, combined with magick. So too, it seems, are a number of performers in the field of porn. Ultraculture wonders:

Bailey JayThe revolt against traditional religion, and the revolt against traditional sexual morality, were once the domain of the privileged few, like the infamous English mystic and sexual adventurer Aleister Crowley, who found both to be keys to personal liberation. Now instant access to both the most outré sexuality and the inmost secrets of the occult are guaranteed to anybody with an internet connection. Is this a Jack Chick fantasia in which a society that has forsaken the Church revels in sin and iniquity? Or is it something more interesting: a collective striving towards a new kind of transcendence and spirituality, one that embraces the flesh instead of rejects it?

Read “In the Valley of the Pornomancers.” Hat tip to Tau Zalmoxis for pointing to this article!


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