Popmatters Discusses the Occultism of Coil vs. PTV

Popmatters recently a shockingly in depth, well written, thoughtful piece discussing the occult content and activities of Coil and Psychic TV. Not that the writing on this site isn’t normally well done and intelligent, but it’s not often that profane media approaches the subject this seriously. We’re not endorsing the ultimate truth of their conclusions, just that this is a thought-provoking, carefully approached discussion. One tiny excerpt states:

“Fan comparisons, I believe, amount to wishful thinking for some intrinsic occult connection. True, Psychic TV and Coil were vanguard bands that blended ritual magick and creative method. But even their esoteric beliefs bore scant resemblance, a split that runs deep. In fact, three magickal rifts are to blame for the many public fissures now glossed over by nostalgia. Naming them will expose how Coil and Psychic TV borrowed different impulses from the 20th century’s occult landscape, and using music, translated their agendas into radically distinct places for listeners.”

Read the whole thing:


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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