Prayer To the Archangel Michael

Here’s an excerpt from today’s Magick Monday newsletter:

“Yesterday was the feast of St Michael the Archangel. This is a figure beloved not only by Catholics and other Christians, but often invoked successfully by Pagans as well. When I was still a kid, Lady Rhea would tell me of how she always prayed to St Michael whenever she was in a jam. The short prayer to St Michael is pretty common, but I love Pope Leo’s Long prayer [the text is posted here in both Latin and English:] This was composed on October 13, 1884 ,When after performing Mass he  heard voices – two voices: God and Satan arguing about whether Satan could destroy the Church. Satan argued that he could in fact given enough time and power – so God granted him that time and power.  Pope Leo wrote the prayer to protect the Church from being destroyed, but these days I interpret that story a bit differently and wonder if God was not asking Satan to destroy a church that had become corrupt and misrepresentation of the message it is supposed to be espousing. Maybe not. Either way, its an effective prayer against evil for many. St Michael is also the patron saint of police…”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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