Pluto, Saturn, Venus and Jupiter are ALL on Retrograde

Jason Miller publishes a weekly Magick Newsletter. Here’s an excerpt from the latest:

A student of mine noted that currently Pluto,Saturn,Venus and Jupiter are all on retrograde. They asked “What is the best practice to do during such time?” 

Retrograde Rules
My top ride for when Mercury or anything else is retrograde is this: IGNORE IT. 

Don’t let your involvement in magic make you MORE fearful of occult forces than those who have no involvement. Just don’t.

What happens if you ignore it?

You do the things that you should be doing and you face either acceptance or resistance. Act accordingly. Be clever, be bold, be charming, be whoever and whatever you will yourself to be at all times. There is always some shit not lining up somehow. Live your life.

What happens if you DON’T ignore it?

You delay plans that should probably not be delayed. You tiptoe around people who you think might react badly. You use it as an excuse for yourself or others to behave badly and shift responsibility. You interpret things in the light of this condition that have nothing at all to do with it.

So ignore it. Worse case is that you face more resistance and negativity than usual – all of which are better met with vigor and persistence than with avoidance.

As Always. DO SORCERY!

Do the Heptasphere Rite if you want to control planetary influences.

Engross yourself in connecting to the powers that you are connected to that are not swayed by such occurrences.Gods, Goddesses, Buddhas, Death, Saints, etc.

Meditate. There is a lot more effecting your mind state than what those planets are doing. When you meditate you start to see how your own distraction plays far more of a role in your success and failure.

Otherwise, really, ignore the shit out of it. Do the things you should do whether you face adversity or not and you will be well prepared.

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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