Playlist of David Shoemaker’s Musical Endeavors

Prominent Thelemite Dave Shoemaker put together a YouTube playlist of his past musical endeavors, both solo and with group efforts. Give it a listen:
Dr. Shoemaker is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and has been a member of O.T.O. since 1993. David is the Past-Master of 418 Lodge in Sacramento, having succeeded Soror Meral, his friend and teacher, and he currently serves as a Sovereign Grand Inspector General of the Order. David was the founding President of the O.T.O. Psychology Guild, and a frequent speaker at NOTOCON.
He is also member of the Planning and Initiation Training committees, and he serves as a Certified Initiator Trainer. His areas of interest include Qabalistic Psychology, ritual design, Raja Yoga, and systems of initiation (including Golden Dawn-style rites and the A.’.A.’.). A Bishop of EGC, David led the team that developed the Pastoral Counseling Workshops.
He was a co-editor of the journals Cheth (418 Lodge) and Neshamah (Psychology Guild). His Living Thelema podcast has been presented since 2010, and the popular book of the same name was released in 2013. His latest work, co-edited with Brother
Lon Milo DuQuette, is Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Ceremonial Magick. In addition to his work in magick and psychology, David is a composer and musician. He can be reached through his website at

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