Science says Pieris rapae has great sex

Cabbage white butterfly sitting on flowers

The cabbage white butterfly has sexual theatrics that put humanity to shame, according to researchers at the University of Cincinnati. When the male ejaculates, he provides a package that includes nutrients, though it’s in a shell that takes three days to digest while the female can’t mate. It’s handy for the female, though, because mating 2 or 3 times gives her enough protein to make about 40% of her eggs.

It’s weirder than that, though, because the female Pieris rapae also has what ‘the researchers “affectionately call vagina dentata.”’

Somehow, this information provides scientists with clues for human infertility. And you thought your sex life was strange!

Newsweek tells us more, below.

Great Sex: These Butterflies Have Giant Sperm Packages And Vaginal ‘Jaws’


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