Paris Attacks Occult in Nature?

The Eagles of Death Metal

The Eagles of Death MetalThe Californian band Eagles of Death Metal were performing a song called Kiss the Devil when gunmen stormed the Bataclan theatre. The attack took place on Friday the 13th, considered a day of bad luck by many. The Daily Star facetiously asks us — were these attacks Satanic in nature? “According to legend, the Knights Templar was banished, arrested and outlawed from Paris on Friday, October 13, 1307 – some 708 years before the atrocities in the same city.”

Occult forces may have been behind the Paris attacks on Friday 13th, according to a wacky conspiracy online.



  1. The only way we are going to become aware what’s going on and examining it is by diving in and asking questions. I have found this subject very taboo for many, even psychedelic people-who you would imagine would be more open to looking into it. Maybe it freaks them out for various reasons
    The main researchers online seem to be mostly male and either christian or new age. I am a rarity amd look at it (and them) from a Goddess feminst perspective. In order to go deep into this you have to also be aware of the patriarchy! Which the christians and new agers are blind to and thus their OWN beliefs are part OF that very mindset. Both denigrate nature and the sensual body and human nature in their own ways which Goddess feminism does not. Both are blind to the suppression of the ancient religion of the Great Mother by solar-phallic paganism from which came occultism. So even though, yes, they do examine what is going on, they can only go so deep. It all becomes typically black and white thinking, which is the patriarchal way
    We have to understand a mindset which itself is aware of deeper reality BUT chooses to use this knowledge to abuse others and control-freak everyone. We HAVE to ask questions and not fear doing so
    That article is like some kind of reverse psychology psy op

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