Pagan Holiday Art Exhibit Running Now at Hive Gallery in L.A.

Currently running through the end of December at Hive Gallery at 729 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90014 is the “Pagan Holiday” exhibition.

The exhibit was curated by animator/artist Stephen Holman curates and features over 30 artists whose work illustrates this theme.

Artists include: David Tibet (aka ‘Current 93’), Ania Goszczynska, John Tottenham, Josephine T Huang, Damon Bard, Lauren Church, Ave Rose, Ric Heitzman, Lorraine Heitzman, Debbie Jaffe, Charles Schneider, Maja D’Aoust, Stephanie Weitekamp, Stefanie Vega, Rebecca Jordan-Glum, Phineus Holman, Sma Litzinger, Xian Pitt, David Fullarton, LAB Disasterina, William A Hall, Sara Jackson, Erica Wexler, Robin McGeough, Darrell Harvey, Chandra Cerchione Peltier, Luke Ge, Ivonne Escoto, Nathan Cartwright, Margaret Meyer, Nicole Filiatrault, Keven Brennan, Tabitha Lahr, Stephen Holman, and Olesya Volk.

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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