OZ RADIO Grand Lodge of Australia official podcast

OZ RADIO – Grand Lodge of Australia official podcast

The first episode is available here:

In this Episode we speak to OTO member and service veteran, Phil Pope about the the new Grand Lodge Charitable initiative to help our returned Service Men and Women – info at mailto:soldiersoffreedom@otoaustralia.org.au

We catch up with J Daniel Gunther about the recent ‘Mutations of the Tao’ event.
And head to the nation’s capital to celebrate the work of Larry Sitsky and Leila Waddell.
All material copyright (c) OTO Grand Lodge of Australia.
Edward Neeman performing the Golden Dawn Suite composed by Dr Larry Sitsky; and violinist Tor Fromyhr performing Leila Waddell’s composition, Tone Testament, used with permission.

Edward Neeman on piano performing Larry Sitsky’s Golden Dawn Suite

Tor Frommyhr performing Leilah Waddell’s Tone Testament

OZ RADIO episode 1 : itunes

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