“Our Lady Babalon and Her Cup of Fornications”

Gordan Djurdjevic recently uploaded a copy of his essay “Our Lady Babalon and Her Cup of Fornications: Approaches to a Thelemic Goddess” which originally was published in the journal CLAVIS no. 2 in 2013. In the essay he states:

“…Babalon is thus one of the fundamental theomorphic concepts in Thelema, endowed with an array of qualifying determinants.It will become evident in due course that Babalon relates to Nuit, to a kabbalisic Sephira on the Tree of Life, to a particular spiritual experience, to a mode of meditation, to a form of sexual practice, and to an atitude towards reality and one’s fate. All of these complex elements are perhaps most pointedly unified in a particular symbolic image of Babalon, and that is the image of the Whore….”

Read the entire essay here: https://www.academia.edu/5494915/Our_Lady_Babalon_and_Her_Cup_of_Fornications_Approaches_to_a_Thelemic_Goddess


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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