OTO Sweden Publishes Solstandet #4

Ordo Templi Orientis Sweden recently issued the 4th installment of their official journal “Solstandet” or “The Solstice” auf English.  Their website states:

“[Solstandet ] is published twice a year in English and Swedish at the summer and winter solstices. It is aimed primarily at members in the O.T.O. but can also be purchased by interested outside the Order.

“The fourth edition, in addition to news related to the O.T.O. also includes an in-depth analysis of the Gnostic Catholic Mass in relation to the Thoth Tarot Cards and The Vision and the Voice by Odrörer Lodge Priestess Soror Sema.

“The Swedish EGC Bishop Tau Tao presents the article ‘Sexual-dynamic polarity as a magical formula – Aleister Crowley’s views on gender and transcendence.’ And we get a report from the Polish O.T.O. by Frater Akhem Sekher.

“All of the articles above are in English.

“In addition, we get beautiful artwork by Soror Tinebra from the The Grand Lodge of O.T.O. Italy’s Teth Lodge and from Robert Buratti from The Grand Lodge of O.T.O. Australia. The Solstices also includes Swedish translations of Class A material and much more.”

Place your order at fsr@oto.se
Price: 12 USD, 10 Euro + postage.



Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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