OTO ranked #1 of 10 Wierdest Cults, by Another No-Cred Website!

In case you were wondering how shallow-thinkers and fringe “news” sites view OTO in 2015, this list of “The 10 Wierdest Cults In The World” was posted, and, YES, OTO was #1, ranked over loonies like “people who commit suicide in Nikes to ride a spaceship” as one Emily Elizabeth exclaimed on FB. Meanwhile here’s the whole list – done up as prime clickbait meaning you have to click through 10 pages to get to the drivel regarding OTO (I tried to do the clicking for y’all and grab the text of the page on OTO – but each intervening page took 1 full minute to load – and the site crashed half the way there; OY!) :


Meanwhile, Miss Elizabeth also posted the checklist of characteristics of an actual cult:


Hmmm. Can you say “disconnect”?

Cargo Cult


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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