Osiris’ tomb discovered in Qurna

A new complex representing a model of the mythical Tomb of Osiris was discovered in Sheikh Abd el-Gourna, inside the unpublished tomb of Kampp -327-.
The Canarian-Tuscan Archaeological Mission directed by Dr. María Milagros Álvarez Sosa and deputy director Dr. Irene Morfini, in Cooperation with the Ministry of State for Antiquities, holds the concession of two tombs in the Theban area of Sheikh Abd el-Gourna: TT109 (tomb of Min) and Kampp -327- (anonymous tomb).
While the tomb of Min is almost completely unpublished, except for some attempts at drawing plans during the 20th century and a brief article written by Philippe Virey in 1887, tomb Kampp -327- is wholly unpublished. The architecture of this tomb is peculiar, representing a model of the mythical tomb of Osiris, of which the most evident replica known so far is considered the Osireion at Abydos.
The Osiris Tomb ©MIN PROJECT Photo by Paolo Bondielli by Luxor Times

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