Orgies, Polyamorous Weddings and Orgasmic Meditation

As we noted earlier this week, Liber Oz states that man has the right to: “love as he will, where, when and with whom he will.”

In the best of circumstances, this opens up a wide panalopy of options, each one of them with an array of consequences evoked once we choose to engage in any one of them whether long term, or for a quick minute, or some space of time in between.  The New York Times Review of Books looked at a Emily Witt’s Future Sex which that surveys some of the realities of experiencing this complexity in the United States in recent years. To wit:

“When not attending orgies and polyamorous weddings, Witt visits orgasmic meditation classes, BDSM pornography film shoots and insular communities of webcam enthusiasts. Though Witt initially positions “Future Sex” as a journey of self-discovery, I found that to be the least satisfying part of her book. Very little of what Witt tries turns her on, and she ends the journey in much the same place she begins — introspective and breathtakingly honest, but seemingly still uncertain about her sexual future.”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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