Ordo Templi Orientis Sweden Publishes “Solståndet” #6

Ordo Templi Orientis of Sweden has just released the sixth volume of it’s official magazine “Solståndet,” featuring articles in both Swedish and English. Our Siblings state:

“The sixth edition contains news from the Local Bodies of O.T.O. Sweden, from our E.G.C. Secretariat, as well as general news and information regarding the spreading of Thelema on our northern shores. It also includes the article “The Roots of O.T.O. in the Crusades” by Thelemic scholar James Wasserman; as always a virtual tour-de-force of knowledge and academic insight. Frater AN of our Rose Croix Chapter Polaris reports on the first of the “Dionysos Weekends” that was held this autumn, and Frater Fröyr reports from the historic conference in Ascona, Switzerland in August 2017 e.v. – the 100 year anniversary of Theodore Reuss conference at the same location. To top it off we get beautiful original artwork from Sorores Halo et Ulrika.

“The Solstice also includes a separate part regarding our crowdfunding venture to publish The Holy Books of Thelema in Swedish for the first time during 2018 e.v.. We hope you will enjoy it!

“If you want to purchase this edition of Solståndet, or previous editions; please place your order at fsr@oto.se Price: 10 USD/Euro + postage”

For more information on OTO Sweden: https://www.oto.se/

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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