Ora et Labora vol. III Imminent

The Australian Grand Lodge of Ordo Templi Orientis is announcing the upcoming release of Ora et Labora vol. III. The posted description says:

With wide-ranging and highly eclectic essays from around the world, Ora Et Labora gathers together the research and findings of the practitioner-scholars of Thelema.

Volume III contains:
– Alba ad Rubrum: Waratah Blossoms – J. Daniel Gunther
– Lord of Life & Joy – Brent Gray
– The ‘Occult Macrohistory’ of Aleister Crowley – Ian Drummond
– Mundus Imaginalis, the Stone of the Wise – Chris Carr
– Bread and Salt: To be taken with a grain of salt – Frater O.I.P
– Initiation and the Hermetic Tradition – Shawn Gray
– The mantras and the spells: Language and magick – Frater S.P
– “Anything can be Animated”: The Visionary Cinema of Jordan Belson and its Esoteric Core – Gordan Djurdjevic
– Occultists, Nazis, Atlanteans, and Alawites. Vril and the Occult Revival – Daniel Brant Corish
– ‘That I may follow and dispel the night’: Wagner’s Parsifal and Liber XV – Percy A. Mindnich
– A Crack in Everything: Finitude and the Ceremony of the Introit – Entelecheia
– An Examination of the Symbolism of the Gnostic Mass Temple – Michael Kolson
– Temple Theology in the Gnostic Mass – Padraig MacIain
– Apokalypsis II: Temple mysticism in the New Aeon: An Introduction – Steve King
– The Island of Flames and the spiritual heart. A reflective commentary on Rev. Cosmé Hallelujah’s “Notes towards a preliminary analysis of a peculiar motif in the Stele of Ankh-af-na-khonsu” – Shokufeh Alwazi
– Excursus on Notes towards a preliminary analysis of a particular motif in the Stele of Ankh-af-na-khonsu – Rev. Cosmé Hallelujah

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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