Opening Lotus of Wisdom

Earlier this month saw the publication of “t.k.”‘s An Opening Lotus of Wisdom: Topics in Vajrayana, Vol. I. The posted description says:

“Esoteric and spiritual wisdom, at their highest levels, involve a gnosis beyond the reach and scope of language. For this reason, their teachings must stretch language to its breaking point. Allegory, metaphor, parable, poetry, symbol, what in the Tantric tradition is called Twilight Language, becomes the norm. t.k.’s series, Topics in Vajrayana, help the authentic practitioner unpack this language. At its heart, the value of an esoteric path lies in its transmissibility and practicality, and this depends on adepts who speak the language, and have lived the life of the time and culture in which they are teaching.

“Years ago, Thinley Norbu Rinpoche asked t.k. to take on the task of clarifying the ancient path of Tantra and Dzogchen in this new time and place, and so the 9 volumes of this series came into being.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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