Online Lecture on the HGA

Frater Orpheus announced this virtual lecture on FB:
The Holy Guardian Angel is a topic central to Thelemic thought and theory, yet exactly how the HGA manifests in one’s life remains a topic of some controversy with opinions running from it just being a metaphor for the Higher-Self to those who see it as an entirely separate entity. Even Crowley would appear to vacillate between the two or would make comments that appear to be contradictory in nature.
Based upon my own experiences I, like many other Thelemites, have drawn my own conclusions – which you are entirely welcome to disagree with. Nonetheless, it is the topic I have been taxed with discussing this Thursday, the 17th. (@7 pm west coast time).
However, I do not like the standard lecture format and instead, I am offering something more akin to an open roundtable discussion. This will be facilitated by Brother QJ and I will field questions as well as share my own thoughts in regard to the magical and philosophical implications of the Holy Guardian Angel.
Because of this format, we are limiting this discussion to no more than 12 participants. The class will close once 12 event guests arrive so please join us on time for the best chance of participation.
Hope to see some of you there – if you plan on attending best show up early and come with questions!!!
Please consider a small donation to 418 Lodge.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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