Online Compendium of Liber AL text and Commentaries

Here’s an interesting project pertaining to Liber Al vel Legis. It includes holographs of the original manuscript, each page followed by its typescript and Old and New Commentaires by The Prophet of The Lovely Star as well as notes pertaining to the ext written by Kenneth Grant and John Symonds, William ‘Bill’ E. Heidrick, Marcel Ramos Motta, and nagasiva ‘Frater Nigris’ yronwode (“not a religious Thelemite”), the latter being responsible for this project.

While we’re not suggesting that this edition is definitive, or authoritative per se it is an impressive compendium of work and should be a valuable study tool, approached with a discerning eye.

Liber Al front page

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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