Oculus Omnia and the Promulgation of Brother SickTanicK

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Brother SickTanicK has been a dedicated Thelemite and O.T.O. member for nearly a decade.  He has been delivering a unique blend of Rap, Industrial, and Metal music since his first release, Premanitions in 2005. He dropped his second album in 2007, Chapter One: Doctrines of the Damned. 2009 saw the release of two more albums. The Lament Configuration and a sequel and remix of Chapter 1: Doctrines of the Damned.

2009 saw another development in the life of SickTanicK. On October 18th, 2009 our Brother took his Minerval degree in O.T.O. which planted the seed for the rising Thelemite within to now burst forth. Nothing makes this more obvious than his 2010 release, Chapter 2: In Nomine SickTanicK. Here we can see a clear bolstering of Thelemic concepts and symbolism within his art. This album marks the beginning of our Brothers long played mission of promulgation through a genre he essentially invented, Occult Rap.

Any initiate with the eyes to see can look at the cover art for his 2012 release, Chapter 3: Awake: The Ministry of Hate, and see the message of the symbols therein. This album really demonstrates our Brothers dedication towards using his artistic medium to bring forth the message of the new aeon. One of my all-time favorite SickTanicK tracks is on this album, Elevenfold. This song tells a certain story of initiation. The hook on this tune contains the line, “It is my Will, to be the seed and Promulgate …”. Now we are seeing even more explicitly how our Brother is sharpening his sword of promulgation and bringing it to his fans and the world at large.

The release in 2013 of his album Prometheus only saw the promulgation increase. The first track is a reading of the Thelemic Holy Book, Liber Tzaddi, an account of initiation. The droning background and intensity in his delivery makes this a great option for feast and Holy days. The title track Prometheus has our Brother being portrayed as the mythical first man stealing the light of the gods and bringing it down to humans. This is a great song. The beat along with his flow make it a true SickTanicK classic. [watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzhN9L9bvFk]

In 2014 we saw the release of his album, Duplexity. This title is clearly influenced by the controversial word of the Equinox received by Crowley in 1915 as a sort of seasonal password to his other magical Order. The word was DUPLEX and would go on to inform him about the relation between the mysteries of his two Orders. His track, Mystery of Mysteries, a line from Liber XV, The Gnostic Mass, goes on to inform us of his view of our mysteries. The track Infernal Names is like a literal Saturnian Hymn to all of the dark lords. This track is so much fun. The track,God is Dead, is an elaboration of Neitzche’s famous exclamation, “God is dead and we have buries him in our churches”.

I first met SickTanicK in 2015 when he attended a round of 3rd degree initiations we were doing in Denver. By this time his music was already a favorite at after mass parties. It was nice to finally meet our Brother. Many of us went to see him perform that weekend in Colorado Springs. Getting to see our Brother perform is a real treat. He brings everything he has to his performances, great fun.

Our Brother moved to Colorado last year. It is no stretch to say that he had barely made it out of Albuquerque alive. Two O.T.O. members of the local body, Subtlety or Force Encampment, literally saved his life by helping him get out of a situation that could only lead to death. Our Brother had found himself tied to 3 deadly masters, heroin, meth, and an abusive relationship. Denver received SickTanicK with open arms giving him a large community of Thelemites to connect with.

I myself had moved to Colorado in 2010 looking to kick a 5 year addiction to heroin and dilaudid. I was very sympathetic to his situation and had lots of personal experiences to connect and relate with. We clicked right off the bat and have spent lots of time together over this past year. Firstly, I connected our Brother to Bobby Creech’s facebook group, Thelemites in Recovery. If you are struggling I cannot recommend connecting up with these guys enough. Bobby’s work there is really incredible.

Secondly I took every opportunity to treat Sick with lots of fun. We had a chance to visit California and Golden Lotus O.T.O. in Orange County. This was only the second time he had seen the ocean in his adult life. Going to Laguna Beach together was moving. We dined on lobster dinners and experienced a fantastic Mass while there. I had a chance to take him snowboarding for the first time in his life, a few months later. We have jammed, feasted, partied, and chilled regularly since.

SickTanicK’s service to the local body has also been a real treat. He has served in various roles in many Masses. He has read Holy Books on feast days. He has shown up and offered great service. I know Denver has been really excited and pleased to have him with us. The fraternity is thick in these hills.

I had the chance to hear lots of early samples of his new album Oculus Omnia for many months now. So when August 4th, 2017 finally rolled around I was very excited to hear the final versions of the songs. The first thing we notice is the title which means, All Seeing Eye. The cover art is SickTanicK himself standing before some kind of portal opening up from the mouth of the sphynx. On each side is a column with images of both the lion and the serpent Chnoubis and Ra-Hoor-Khuit. Standing in the portal itself is an image of Elivas Levi’s Baphomet and behind him is infinite space and infinite stars. This album definitely seems like our Brother is taking a step through that portal to become himself a glyph of arcane perfection. Oculus Omnia is a story of Thelemic death and rebirth. From the ashes rises the flaming phoenix, our Brother, SickTanicK.

The first track is called Devotion which leads us right into the title track Oculus Omnia. This is a clear story of his adventures in the underworld and certain aspects of his path of initiation. At the end he sends a shot out to Alombrados O.T.O. in New Orleans where is took his 3rd degree initiation some years prior. I literally spit out my whiskey when I heard him diss Jay-Z for throwing up the triangle when Prince Hall Masons denied him. The music on this album is really next level. Our Brother really stepped up his production and the quality is completely on point. Through this album we hear him exploring new styles and flows. Ultimately this new piece is intimate and personal. We get to play witness to all of his personal struggles through his path to being the Master.

The first single from the album was Sinematic. We have Texas Micraphone Massacre, an SKR favorite, providing really amazing vocals. This track really sets the personal tone for the album. The juxtaposition between his flow and TMM’s vocal work is genius. The rest of the album is an open book of our Brothers life and struggles. The track Crystal articulates the experience of the addict to point. Anyone who has been there will feel his pain here as well. Of course with tracks like, Drugs, our Brother wants us to be clear that he is still down to party. I love the track, Falling in Reverse. The featured vocalist, Danny Vigilante is great signing the chorus, “I fell in love with a woman named Babalon …”, making this a great hymn to our lady of fornication. “Babalon won’t you save my soul, beautiful woman won’t you take me home”, this track will leave all of us wanting to give all at her cup.

The track, Poisoned Apple, tells us a story of abuse and codependency. Anyone who has been through these kind of relationships will appreciate how well it is articulated here. His track, My Black Dahlia, is his ode to heroin. This track always gives me chills. Right off his explanation of being “dope sick” is just so on point. Anyone who has experienced a physical addiction to opiates will appreciate how much our Brother is coming from a place of Gnosis. I feel you man.

The final track is a literal shout out to Leah Sublime by Crowley. He revives the theme and feeling of the poem with this one. In the middle he even recites a portion of it. Overall this album was the most personal and the best produced album we have seen so far from Our Brother. It is wrapped consistently in Thelemic themes and dialogue throughout. He provides us with a personal tale of the struggle between receiving the ceremony of a master and then becoming the Master. His promulgation is directed inward. This is the album where Brother SickTanicK is becoming the window, the exemplar, and thus the Star of our system. Well done my dear Brother, well done.

In Nomine SickTanicK

Love is the law, love under will.

Frater Brihisphati

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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