Occult Themed Life-Drawing Class in London

Vice.com  recently posted an account of an evening devoted to occult themed life-drawing in London.

Come to the Sabbat festival has decamped for a week to Apiary Studios, a gallery slash studio that moonlights as a club and gig venue. Tonight, I’m promised a Satanic evening of “costume-based life drawing that takes models from May Queen witch cultists to ritualistically garbed High Priestesses”, complete with incense, chanting, and occult soundtrack. In a pleasingly circular coincidence, the studios hosted a performance night last month in which two artists attempted to reenact Christ’s ascension. If there’s going to be any witchcraft tonight, we’ll be doing it on JC’s home turf.”

Read the whole story here:


My only question is – where were the male models?


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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