Occult-themed Band GHOST Has Its Dirty Laundry Aired

Recently, the Wall Street Journal ran a news story about the occult-themed Swedish metal band Ghost having its mystical pretensions take a hit when erswhile band members’ aka “Nameless Ghouls” filed suit against the group’s front man “Papa Emeritus” and the mundane details of their identities, business arrangements and that became a matter of public record. Just kinda silly.

In part the article states:

“Ghost, a Swedish heavy-metal band, built a cult following over a decade using demonic pageantry and rhyming lyrics like ‘hypnotizing horns of ram’ and ‘paralyzing pentagram.’

“Band members perform in eerie masks and keep their identities secret, adding to the group’s mystique.

“It all worked like a charm—until a recent lawsuit unmasked the satanic musicians as a bunch of earthly beings. In court papers and other documents, band members discuss such pedestrian matters as salaries, tour buses, laundry arrangements and how concert venues should prepare the bananas in their backstage spread.

“’Don’t put any fast food under our noses,’ the band tells venues.”

Read the entire article for shiz and giggles here:


thanks to Soror Amy for the tip and the link!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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