Occult Flashcard Set Published

“Occult Flashcards are a tool for use by the modern magician to study various aspects, symbols, etc. of magick and the occult.

“This deck, Tree of Life, aids the magician in memorizing various aspects of the Tree of Life and some of its Qabalistic correspondences. This set covers the Sephiroth (Queen scale colors), the Paths (King scale colors), the veils (positive and negative), the parts of the soul and four worlds. Included are four blank cards to add your own correspondances.”

The ordering page is here: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/occult-flashcards-tree-of-life

This deck follows in the footsteps of one devoted to the Hebrew letters:

“This deck, Hebrew Letters, aids the magician in memorizing the Hebrew alphabet and the corresponding occult information associated with each letter. Each letter is written in both script and block form, as well as adding additional cards for 12 divine names of God. In addition, there are 4 blank cards added to allow the magician to create their own study cards. The back of each card contains the letter, it’s approximate pronunciation, path number, value, spelling, meaning and an area to add personal notes.”


So with Father’s Day imminent – if yr Pops is freaky like this…



Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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