NU BLK: Michael Bertiaux Art Exhibition

atwork: Michael Bertiaux

A truly unique opportunity to see an exhibition of the artwork of Michael Bertiaux. A selection of in excess of fifty works some dating from as early as 1969 but the major focus is his ‘Black Poppy Lady’ series. Michael’s artistic expression of his occult investigation is incredible magical fusion! BWH

NU BLK: Michael Bertiaux Art Exhibition

BLK have long partnered with, and received guidance from Michael Bertiaux on various projects, and have enjoyed his involvement at our Chicago events. In 2016, we started The NU BLK Lodge, under his direction, to explore artistic expression based on ritual meditation focused on non-human entities. We first used his “Two Transyuggothian Gods of Magic” painting, and later Crowley’s “LAM” for this purpose. Having written his “Shakti in Chinatown” piece for Starfire Publishing’s Kenneth and Steffi Grant tribute Servants of the Star & the Snake, Bertiaux began to explore the Grant’s methods of using fiction and imagination to inspire the Hidden Mind. He started focusing on his “Black Poppy Lady” character from the Shakti story, while in focused meditation. This ignited a 6-month cycle of vision, insight, and inspiration which led to one of the most prolific periods in his career as a painter. He created dozens of portraits around the visions of the “Black Poppy” character, and each vision opened up further doors.

Artwork: Micheal Bertiaux

At BLK Celebration 2019, we will present 40 of these works to view, as well as a very small selection of Michael‘s other paintings dating from 1969-2019.

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FYI – BLK Celebration 2020 is in Cleveland, Ohio, BLK2021 is back in Chicago, and 2022 will be our final Celebration in London. We’d love to have you as our guest again!


Art Work: Michael Bertiaux 1969


Black Lotus Kult is an international art and philosophy collective founded in 2006.
One of this group’s activities is the hosting an annual gathering called “BLK Celebration”, which includes music and dance performances, art exhibitions, and lectures on the various esoteric subjects.

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