NPR On the Importance of Women’s Pleasure

A beautiful dark-haired woman dressed in scarlet satin

It is we of Thelema who truly love and respect Woman, who hold her sinless and shameless even as we are; and those who say that we despise Her are those who shrink from the flash of our falchions as we strike from Her limbs their foul fetters.

Do we call Woman Whore? Ay, Verily and Amen, She is that; the air shudders and burns as we shout it, exulting and eager. – Aleister Crowley, “The Law is for All”

NPR interviews Peggy Orenstein about her new book Girls & Sex: Navigating the Complicated New Landscape. To write this book, Orenstein spoke with over “70 young women between the ages of 15 and 20 about their attitudes and early experiences with the full range of physical intimacy.”

She notes that girls hear, “…they’re supposed to be sexy, they’re supposed to perform sexually for boys, but that their sexual pleasure is unspoken… One of the things that I really took away from this research, is the absolute importance of not just talking about [girls] as victims, or not just talking about them as these new aggressors, but really surfacing these ideas of talking clearly and honestly to girls about their own desires and their own pleasures.”

‘Girls & Sex’ And The Importance Of Talking To Young Women About Pleasure.


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