NOTOCon X Adds Special Trip to View Items from Ransom Center’s Crowley Collection

The NOTOCon committee has added a special event to proceedings requiring separate registration. They say:

“As promised, we have opened registration for a separate event the Thursday before NOTOCON, to visit the the Harry Ransom Center to view selected items from their Crowley collection.

*Original ​Copies ​of ​Liber ​AL ​and ​of ​the ​Comments ​with ​notes ​in ​AC’s ​handwriting;
*Some ​of ​Crowley’s ​original ​diaries, ​including ​Rex ​de ​Arte ​Regia ​and ​other ​material;
*AC’s ​original ​version ​of ​The ​Vision ​and ​The ​Voice;
*A ​letter ​from ​AC ​to ​Franklin ​Roosevelt;
*Various ​notebooks ​in ​AC’s ​own ​hand;
and ​more…”

More information can be found on the registration page, here

Space is limited, so register for your spot today!


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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