BBC Lady Chatterly Without Sex Scenes

A scene from BBC's Lady Chatterly's Lover

Although the novel was once the topic of obscenity trials, and could not be published in an unexpurgated form in Britain until 1960, this year’s BBC version of Lady Chatterly’s Lover will not include sex scenes, the Guardian reports.

“The problem, though, may be that television has never been good at sex. Whereas the sexual descriptions and conversations in Lawrence’s book genuinely challenged the social and publishing conventions of its time, TV’s best-remembered sexual controversy in fiction involved a naked female bottom glimpsed in Dennis Potter’s The Singing Detective in 1987.”

Will D.H. Lawrence’s novel remain as interesting to audiences without the raw sexuality? Will it be able to stand as an examination of class differences alone? See a clip from the film.

A scene from BBC's Lady Chatterly's Lover



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