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SOONISH: The new Scrying Pole from C93: D.:.I.:.S = I.:.D.:.S.:. אמן
SOON: THE LONG SHADOWS FALL BoxSet: 7CDs & OneSided 7″& ShadowsOfHooksBook אמן
SOON: THE LIGHT IS LEAVING US ALL HandPrinted ChapBook with original artwork in each copy אמן
SOON: C93 IF A CITY IS SET UPON A HILL Rejected Mix TP LP: 93 copies אמן
SOON: C93 IF A CITY IS SET UPON A HILL one-sided 12″ lathe single LP: 93 copies אמן
SOON: DISCOMANIA by JENNIFER GIBBONS in 2 separate editions אמן
SOONISH: An extensive translation by me of a large part of the major, utterly profound, and perfected beautiful “Apocryphal Gnostic” untitled Coptic text generally known as the PISTIS SOPHIA (ⲦⲠⲒⲤⲦⲒⲤ ⲤⲞⲪⲒⲀ) in a hugely important academic volume edited by my very dear friend Hugo Lundhaug, one of the most important Coptic scholars in this Field Of All Fields אמן אמן אמן.
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I and we and you all look forward to seeing each other in London when C93 Channels HerSelves at The Union Chapel on March 11 ( We also Pray’n’Hope to be welcoming a couple of HeartBreakingFriends to our PickNick there.
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It is extremely definitely likely C93 will also be appearing on the 3 previous nights (March 8,9,10) before Her London Channelling at a beautiful, tiny, venue in Hastings Old Town, where I live with Queen Ania. There will be only 39 tickets available for each night, and some GiftGiftGifts for those who skip to them. More details on these as soon as we have all details detailed for you in detail.
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In this coming week or two I and Ania will be adding to our OnLineShipShop:
The Purrent93 KitKats: there will only be 39 of these available (
Some more AlephPixies ( .
More AnokPopArt by me (
The UpCycled Signed ScreenPrint of IF A CITY IS SET UPON A HILL.
Items from my OverWhelmed EndTimedArchive, including:
BOOKS: my last remaining copies of SING OMEGAI AROSE AS ALEPH, THE SPELLER, THE KILLER; and some other rare spares.
VINYL: neat sweets of my far and further past.
CD: bright lights of my nearer and never past.
T-Shirts & Totes: old designs and signs found in stacks in corners, just like Little Jack Horner.
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My sorrologies for the delay in sending out copies of THE LONG SHADOW FALLS and WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST WALK AWAY lathe-editions. As those who ordered it and them know, I keep adding to it and them. All of those who ordered either edition will now also be receiving another item in the edition—a small piece of scribbled art, different in every copy. I will emailing all of those who have ordered either or both of these items in the next day or so, with a WebLink to examples of this extra piece of work. I expect to start sending these out this month, as it will be One Year Since I Offered Them. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE ALWAYS AND EVER! Any questions, please email the usual UrChariot address.
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My MailChimp Account is NowDedDedDED. All updates from me and us come from this TinyLetter account, as well as sometimes on my Instagram pages, given below.
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Love from me and you, to you and me
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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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