New Yazidi Temple Opens in Armenia

Here’s a fairly length piece on a new Yazidi temple built in Armenia. After the systematic slaughter of Yazidi in the Middle East by Daesh, the opening is a bright spot in this group’s grim recent history. The coverage begins:

“Under a cloudless sky this week, the radially segmented white domes of this town’s new Yazidi temple seem to capture the sun, which Yazidis regard as the sacred source of energy and truth.

“Golden suns top each of the domes that tower over the lone cupola of an adjacent sanctuary whose completion seven years ago made it the first Yazidi temple in the post-Soviet world.

“The lavish new edifice of polished granite and white Iranian marble opened its doors on September 30 to worshipers of the Yazidi religion, a historically vulnerable minority that suffered mass killings and abductions in its Middle Eastern ancestral heartland earlier this decade.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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