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Weiser Antiquarian Booksellers posted catalogue 283, “devoted” to Aleister Crowley, meaning largely, devoted to works by people influenced by his work, or, occasionally, who studied under him. It starts with a batch of Charles Stanfield Jones, and THEN features a publication by Ebony Anpu that – of this posting – was still available. The posted description says:

Berkeley, CA: O.T.O. / Privately Printed, 1985. “Revised” edition. Softcover. Quarto. 100pp. Plastic strip binding securing text between a flexible transparent plastic cover-sheet and a flexible black vinyl rear cover. B&w illustrated paper title-page / cover-design. Text printed on both sides of the pages, which appear to be Xeroxed from a computer or word-processor generated print-out. A book on the philosophy of Thelemic magick and belief by Ebony Anpu, Frater 137 (Charles Lee Reese, 1950- 1999ev). Ebony Anpu was one of the first aspirants to join the recently reconstituted O.T.O. in the early 1970s and played a major role in building the Caliphate under Hymenaeus Alpha. A stalwart of the O.T.O. in California, he served for a time as Grand Secretary General of the Order, and was extremely active in the field of Crowley publishing, perhaps most notably as co-founder of the Stellar Visions imprint. It seems that Ebony Anpu wrote the “The Book of the Jackal” in the late 1970s and it was first distributed in a form reproduced (?) from a manuscript, and privately distributed in the early 1980s. This “revised edition” – also presumably privately distributed, clearly had a very small printing. According to one on-line source “this was the first complete, public, written presentation of Tesseract Magick, though he would later decide this was too powerful to be Public Knowledge and quickly buried his “Opus Magnum.” Whatever the case it is extremely uncommon. From the collection of Clive Harper with his discreet book-label neatly tipped in at the rear. Harper is well- known as the bibliographer of Austin Osman Spare, for updating the Aleister Crowley bibliography in the 2011 Teitan Press collection of Gerald Yorke’s writings, and as someone who has lent his expertise to numerous other publications. Almost as new, thus fine condition, and very unusual. Item #69217

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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