New Volume of Studio Magicae Available

We received this news via email:

“Studio Magicae: A Journal of Practical and Theoretical Magic is an interdisciplinary, open access journal on magic, the occult, esotericism, and other related topics. Here we will promote dialogue between scholars and practitioners of magic and the occult in order to facilitate a better understanding of the phenomena that both seek to understand. Scholars and practitioners from all traditions are welcome and encouraged to publish in Studio Magicae, there is something useful in encountering unfamiliar ways of thinking and experiencing the world. In this journal we will explore the phenomenology of magical consciousness, its relationship to the world, and how it has shaped history, philosophy, science, and everyday life.

“Topics in this issue include: astrology as a spiritual practice, a guide to understanding your natal chart, the Gold and Rosy Cross’s importance in Rosicrucianism, the role of cannabis in ancient Jewish magic, the astrological cosmological similarities between early Mormon leaders and Rudolf Steiner, the role of ritual in Dion Fortune’s works, paratheatre as performative magic, the integration of ritual into daily life, hypnosis for the magical practitioner, and the role of art in tarot and magical practice.”

Here’s the website:


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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