New Thoughts on Ancient Matters

For quite some time, Aries has been a leading academic journal coming out of Europe with a focus specifically on esotericism.  Hetorodoxology reports the new release of the current issue of Aries (15.1), with a specific focus on Ancient Esotericism.  As that blog reports, the editor of the current issue is Dylan Burns, whose Academia profile is worth reviewing, especially his article, “Ancient Esoteric Traditions: Mystery, Revelation, Gnosis.”  The Aries issue also looks particularly promising, with articles from a number of leading lights in both esotericism and the study of biblical literature, such as Kelly Coblentz Bautch and Kocku von Stuckrad.  The articles are behind a paywall, but you can review their abstracts for free if you cannot find a university library that subscribes to Brill journals.

Grant Potts

Professor of Philosophy and Religion, O.T.O. Initiate, Dad.

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