New Study on the End of Sexual Interest

A bored couple in the bedroom

What gender loses interest in sex first, and why? The British Medical Journal Open has just released a study showing that women lose interest in having sex with their partner after only 12 months. A survey for the study collected data from 4,839 men and 6,669 women aged 16-74, revealing that while both genders tire of sex with age, women claim to get bored of sex in relationships far earlier.

The report also observed that men who had recently masturbated were more likely to report sexual desire, while women who had recently masturbated were less likely. The overall reasons for lack of sexual interest in women appear to be more emotional in nature compared to men; the researchers suggest this may call into question the efforts to produce drugs increasing women’s sexual desire.

It should be noted that this study focused primarily on heterosexual sex and binary gender identification. More research is needed to expand this knowledge.

Women get bored of having sex in a relationship after one year, finds study.

What factors are associated with reporting lacking interest in sex and how do these vary by gender? Findings from the third British national survey of sexual attitudes and lifestyles.


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