New Song Posted by Lon Milo Duquette

Eminent author and Deputy National Grand Master of US Grand Lodge of Ordo Templi Orientis has posted a new song he’d composed and recorded

Words and Music by Lon Milo DuQuette

I do not care who you worship as God.
I do not care if you worship.
I don’t care who you pray to,
Or if you pray.

I do not care if you’re Moslem or Jew,
Jain, Hindu, Christian or Buddhist,
Santeria, Candomble’s okay with me.

You might believe in a scripture divine.
You might believe in the Bible.
Or in words from the Koran, L. Ron, or me.

But if your faith needs to conquer the world,
If your God needs more converts,

If you’ve been told there’ll be no peace on earth as long as there are unbelievers.

If you believe that you’ll never be free until you’re dead cold and buried.

That’s not religion. It’s politics,
And … you’ve …. BEEN HAD!

You’ve let them make you a moron;
Bamboozled to worship a devil,
Tricked into selling your soul.

Listen here:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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