New Sigil Generator

For those of y’all who like shortcuts, here’s a new sigil generator.

It’s creator explains:

“ was the inspiration for it.

“I liked what they were doing but it bugged me that I was unable to remove repeated letters in the order that I would on paper.
“It then grew into something much more as I kept adding more and more features.
“Now you can do the standard 1-9 sigil or:
  • Sigils with any of the 7 planetary kameas
  • Sigils based on the Witch’s Wheel
  • Sigils using the word method
  • Musical mantra /music notes output
  • Kuji Kuri output for turning intent into hand gestures
  • Yoga output to convert intent into poses
  • Gematria calculators
  • Tarot and Forty Servants cartomancy app
“And I am always adding new things, there’s going to be runecasting and English qabalah soon.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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