New Novel Mercury’s Choice Sees Protagonist Attending Gnostic Mass & Discovering the 93 Current

Kyler James’ latest novel Mercury’s Choice! is being published Tuesday, November 6. The main character, a painter who paints gods and goddesses, discovers the true meaning of 93 at the Atlantis Bookshop in London – and he attends his first Gnostic Mass toward the end of the book. The publisher’s page states:

“What happens when a genius of a painter meets a wealthy autograph dealer in New York City? Will they live happily ever after or will their worlds collide? Only Davis Jarvey, our gifted painter, will know for sure—on that dreaded day when he’s forced to make…Mercury’s Choice.”

“Kyler James reveals his metropolitan world—with an intimacy and power few of us would otherwise be privileged to share. This sensitively written and fast-paced tale will lure you in for an exciting ride.” —Andy Behrman, author of Electroboy

“Bravo! Kyler James has a real talent as a writer. He’s a great storyteller and the world needs great storytellers. Mercury’s Choice is very unique. It reconciled me with reading.” —Nicole Renaud, singer/composer

“To live for art or for love—that is the imperative question—the subject of this tantalizing book. In this mind-bending story, the characters meander in and out of their obsessions as if trapped by Theseus’s Labyrinth, where even the telephone has a poetic force. Kyler James has written another compelling novel. I just loved it.” —Xavier Villanova, playwright/director/actor

Here’s two spots where you can purchase:

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