New Living Thelema Podcast Posted

The latest episode of the Living Thelema podcast is now uploaded and ready for streaming or downloading! David Shoemaker states:

“This episode is on Scrying the Enochian Aethyrs. I discuss the utility of the visionary process overall and describe some of the results of my own scrying as presented in my book The Winds of Wisdom. Finally, I give a presentation of the basic methods you can use to try scrying the Aethyrs yourself.

“And as promised, a new bit of specially composed and performed intro music, just for this episode! (Suitably cosmic-sounding this time, I would say.)

“Have a listen–I hope you enjoy it!”…/02/27/scrying-the-enochian-aeth…/

All Living Thelema episodes are archived at and you can also subscribe via iTunes, Feedburner, or the podcast software of your choice.

“The Winds of Wisdom book is available via Amazon here: Limited edition, signed hardcover copies are available directly from Anima Solis Books–contact me privately here on FB if you’re interested!”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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