New Issue of The Current Commemorates Brother Henry Anderson

Chalice of Heaven Lodge in the Valley of Chicago are releasing the latest issue of their periodical publication The Current, this one being a special commemorative issue. Derek Schulze states on FB:

“I am pleased to announce the new issue of The Current is available! This special commemorative issue is in tribute to Henry Anderson, who produced every issue before this. It was important to me to have this tribute issue emulate Henry’s editorial technique in honor to his hard work and dedication to the O.T.O. in the valley of Chicago. This issue focuses on his articles and magnificent artwork which are featured in 8 full page colored photos in the center of the magazine.

“All proceeds of The Current go to the Anderson family. We are selling bundles of the past issues, including the tribute issue for $40, plus shipping.
New issues are $10 plus shipping.

To order yours paypal at

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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