New Grimoire by Damien Echols and Lorri Davis

Sounds True is publishing a new book by Damien Echols and his wife and co-author Lorri Davis on April 26,  Ritual:  An Essential Grimoire . The publisher’s description says:

We so often feel like our lives are beyond our control, so how can it be true that we somehow create our reality? The Western tradition of magick tells us that our thoughts and intentions do shape the world—and that ritual is one of the most effective tools for becoming conscious participants in our own destiny. “Ritual teaches us that we are never truly powerless,” says Damien Echols. With Ritual: An Essential Grimoire, he joins his wife and teaching partner Lorri Davis to bring you an invaluable collection of practices for daily use.

Magickal ritual goes beyond creating good habits or routines. Each practice Damien and Lorri share is a grounding point that enables divine energy to enter the physical world—uniting earthly efforts with the unseen forces of creation. This grimoire (or book of spells) contains rituals and meditations for protection, joy, love, luck, prosperity, creativity, and spiritual insight—all presented in plain, accessible language that anyone can use.

Damien and Lorri used magick to help them get through the most trying times—to help free Damien from his wrongful incarceration, then to help both of them heal from the traumatic aftereffects of his imprisonment. “Many of these rituals are the very same we used to rebuild our lives,” Lorri says. “We share these practices in the hopes that you will use them to survive, thrive, and create the life you desire.”

Damien Echols is the author of High Magick, Angels and Archangels, and the New York Times bestseller Life After Death. His wife, Lorri Davis, is a film producer and former landscape architect. The story of their courtship-by-mail during Damien’s unjust imprisonment in the West Memphis Three case is profiled in the 2019 book Savage Appetites and is the topic of their coauthored book, Yours for Eternity.

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