New Graphic Novel with Crowley as Hero – Fighting Adolph Hitler

The reports the upcoming publication of a new graphic novel authored by Doug Rushkoff that pits a heroic Aleister Crowley against arch-villain Adoph Hitler (can’t get more villainous now, can we?) They state:

“It started with the thought, ‘What if Aleister Crowley had been enlisted in an occult war against Hitler at the end of WWII?’,” Rushkoff told The A.V. Club via e-mail. “And as I began to research, I learned that Crowley was responsible for Churchill’s ‘V is for Victory’ salute, falsifying star charts for Hitler’s astrologers, and a bunch of other stuff. It’s really about two kinds of magick—the sigil magick that we might charge with meditation or sex, and the sort of black magick with which the Nazis were involved—that required the deaths of millions to charge it.”

Read more details here:

Crowley Hilter

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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